Code:Rad - Tumbleweeds Handcrafted Wood Veneer Sunglasses

Jonathan Longnecker Jonathan Longnecker / May 11, 2014
Tumbleweeds Sunglasses

Welcome to the first installment of Code:Rad! What is a Code:Rad you ask? Simple! It's where we find the raddest stuff on the internet and tell you about it. Sound good? Ok, let's go. Ashley has had her eye on these for a while now, and after checking them out, I concur. Tumbleweeds sunglasses are indeed rad. Basically, they take high impact acetate frame, veneer wood and handcraft the junk out of them into a completely unique pair of sunglasses that own. I mean, just look at the sexy:

Tumbleweeds confetti Tumbleweeds confetti Tumbleweeds Wood Veneer Tumbleweeds

Yep, I'll take all four. Tumbleweeds, consider yourselves Code:Rad because you've earned it. Go check them out for yourself

Jonathan Longnecker

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