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We’re Jonathan & Ashley Longnecker. We love travel, food, homeschool, tattoos, dreads, adventure, living simply, and our 4 amazing kids!

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Vintage Airstream Remodel

After a year of full-time travel we sold our brand new 5th wheel, bought a 1972 Airstream Sovereign Land Yacht and completely renovated it for boondocking and off-road travel.

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Over the years we have truly fallen in love with camping off-grid. The wide open spaces, quiet nights, and incredibly scenery are where we prefer to be. Check out our articles and resources to get inspired and plan your own off-grid adventure.

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Ashley Leaves, Dad's in Charge

Jonathan Longnecker Jonathan Longnecker / December 01, 2020

This week was weird. Ashley had a death in the family so she booked a last minute plane trip to Indiana for the service. That meant Jon and the kids were by themselves for 4 whole days! Read on to see what happened.

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Solar Shed Rubble Trench Overhead

Solar Shed Office Part 3 - Rubble Trench Foundation + Prep Work

Ashley Longnecker Ashley Longnecker / November 10, 2020

We are finally getting started on our off-grid solar shed office here on the Tiny Shiny Homestead! After the initial shock of finding out that lumber has more than doubled, we quickly pivoted and have switched our solar shed strawbale build to an earthbag construction. Not only will this save us money, it will give us more practice working with this incredibly sustainable way of building.

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Cooking Off Grid for a Family of 6

Cooking Off-Grid for a Family of Six

Ashley Longnecker Ashley Longnecker / November 03, 2020

Sometimes it’s hard to believe we’ve been traveling and living in RV’s for over 5 years now. Often we get asked about food - how do we cook and prepare food for 6 people in a tiny space? Add boondocking and living off-grid to the equation and things get even trickier! Without power hookups, we’re limited in the types of energy we can use.

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