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Airstream Leaving Ajo

Charming Ajo, AZ

Ashley Longnecker Ashley Longnecker / February 19, 2018

I’ve been sitting on this post for a while now. Not quite knowing how to describe our time spent in Ajo. We were just trying to escape the cold evenings in Sierra Vista, but what originated as a one week stay quickly turned into three. 

If you have driven through Ajo, you probably didn’t even think twice about staying there. But as with most small towns, if you take some time to really explore the community, you may be surprised at what a gem these places can be

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Airstream Boondocking in Hunter Canyon

Hereford, AZ: Take Two

Ashley Longnecker Ashley Longnecker / February 09, 2018

When we left Kartchner Caverns State Park, we were just not ready to leave southern Arizona. With a quick look at temperatures, we decided to head back down towards Hereford (just a little south of Sierra Vista) and check out another boondocking spot that a local had told us about. 

Hunter Canyon was just 2 miles south of Miller Canyon and while our site was not nearly as secluded, we did enjoy a full week here. We were able to park behind a shade tree that kept us cool in the day, but solar panels were still in full sun. The perfect spot! 

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View of the Coronado National Forest from Kartchner Caverns

Kartchner Caverns State Park

Ashley Longnecker Ashley Longnecker / February 08, 2018

Since we stayed our 14 day limit at Miller Canyon we needed to move, but loved the area so much we didn’t want to go too far. The weather and hiking made us want to stay in the area as long as we could. Someone had told us about Kartchner Caverns State Park so we decided to give that a shot for a week. Luckily, we were able to find a site for 6 nights despite being such short notice. That rarely happens in the winter in Arizona.

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Miller Canyon Rec Area

Exploring Hereford, Arizona

Ashley Longnecker Ashley Longnecker / February 07, 2018

When we left Patagonia, we decided to just drive around the mountain and find a place to stay near Sierra Vista. We ended up in a small town called Hereford just south of Sierra Vista. We drove down a rugged dirt road and dropped the Airstream at a nearby parking lot so that we could scout for a good campsite. At this point it was nearing sunset and we were trying to get set up before dark. Rule #1 - never get to a campsite that you don’t know when it’s dark!

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pouring water into airstream

Getting Water While Camping Off Grid

Ashley Longnecker Ashley Longnecker / February 05, 2018

We are getting asked more and more questions these days so it’s time I start addressing some of them! Some of the most common questions we get asked have to do with water. 

  • Where do we get it? 
  • Do we filter it? 
  • Is it safe to drink from your tank? 

Well, I hope this gives you a better idea of how we get water to our rig while living off grid.

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Vintage Airstream Remodel

After a year of full-time travel we sold our brand new 5th wheel, bought a 1972 Airstream Sovereign Land Yacht and are currently in the process of completely renovating it for boondocking and off-road travel.

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