Off-Grid Homestead

Join us on our journey as we attempt to build our own little off-grid homestead oasis in the desert.

Lighting Strike No Text

Solar System Lightning Protection

Casa de Caca Family Featured

Casa de Caca - Hyperadobe Composting Toilet Outhouse

Gray Water Septic

Gray Water Septic Plans

Remote Off-Grid Mini 12V VRM System for Pump Houses and Sheds

Mini VRM 12V Solar System Wiring Guide

Airport Full Build C Plain

Airstream Metal Truss Carport

Berm Swale Full D

Permaculture Berms & Swales

Shelter Logic Rebuild Blog

ShelterLogic Garage-in-a-Box Permanent Rebuild

Hyperadobe Earthbag Chicken Garden

Hyperadobe Earthbag Chicken Garden Build - Part 2

Man standing in front of solar panels - how much did our off-grid solar system cost?

Off-Grid Solar Power System Cost Breakdown

Man Standing in front of huge solar panel array

DIY Off-Grid Solar Power Installation & Wiring Guide

Chicken Garden Progress Outer Frames Installed

Hyperadobe Earthbag Chicken Garden Build

Family builds incredible earthbag building off-grid.

Hyperadobe Earthbag Solar Shed Office Tour

30 Days to a Better YouTube - a 6 week program to help small YouTube channels gain momentum & grow organically.

5 Things We Learned from our 30 Day YouTube Challenges

Family standing in front of earthbag building

Solar Shed Office Part 9 : We Gotta Get This Shed Done!

Jonathan Pointing at Celing

Solar Shed Part 8 - Scratch Coat, Electrical Wires, Insulation & Ceiling Panels

IMG 4126

Solar Shed Office Part 7: 30 Day Challenge

Hyperadobe Installing Electric Outlets

Solar Shed Office Part 6: Electrical Outlet Boxes

Kids in front of paddock for morning chores

January Chores on the Homestead & Unexpected Loss

Hyperadobe Earthbag Dolly System

Hyperadobe Earthbag Dolly Bucket System

Tiny Shiny Fix It Day

Tiny Shiny Fix-It Day

Hyperadobe Earthbag Construction

Solar Shed Office Part 5: Door Frames, Cleats & Courses

Mother goat right before delivering twins

Baby Goat Birth - Fay Has Twins!

Airstream property sunset

2020 Homestead Recap

DIY Desert Wreath

Desert Wreaths - Creating Beauty In the Desert

Airstream Interior Christmas Decorations

Preparing for a Tiny Shiny Christmas on the Homestead

New goats and guard dog

Adding Goats and a Guard Dog to the Homestead

Jon and Kids Crazy

Ashley Leaves, Dad's in Charge

Adali and Ada standing in front of new pig paddock and feed shed.

Feed Shed & Pig Paddock + New Animals!

Family celebrating after laying the first layer of hyperdobe earthbags for their solar shed office.

Solar Shed Office Part 4: Laying First Course

Solar Shed Rubble Trench Overhead

Solar Shed Office Part 3: Foundation + Prep Work

Cooking Off Grid for a Family of 6

Cooking Off-Grid

Earthbag Solar Shed Office Foundation

Solar Shed Office Part 2: Switching to Earthbag & Digging the Foundation

Jonathan sitting inside rock outline of what will eventually be a solar sed/office.

Solar Shed Office Part 1: Planning & Research

New Animals on the Homestead

New Animals on the Tiny Shiny Homestead

Airstream on Desert Road

Leaving the Homestead for an Adventure

Gate and fence at sunset

Fencing Cost Breakdown

We pulled all our stuff out of our renovated vintage Airstream and deep cleaned everything!

Deep Cleaning our Vintage Airstream

Someone just touched the electric fence!

Fencing Part 3 - Connecting Electric, Securing Gates, & Cleaning Up

Family in front of fence gate with tools

Fencing Part 2 - Closing in the Timeless Fence System!

Fence Post Sunset

Fencing Workshop

Jonathan with Auger & Fence Posts

Fencing Part 1 - Clearing Lines and Setting Corner Posts

Tiny Shiny Homestead Fencing Workshop

Fencing Workshop at the Tiny Shiny Homestead

Spraying pressurized water off-grid at sunset.

Water Pump Success! Solar Powered Pressurized Water Off-Grid

Weekend projects featured image

Weekend Homestead Projects

Kids crouching with Nine Nine, a bernedoodle puppy

First Animal on the Homestead!

Off Grid Homestead

What Should We Do Next on Our Off-Grid Homestead?

DIY Floating Deck for RV

Building a Floating Deck for our Airstream

Water Pump Fail

Water Pump FAIL

Off Grid Laundry

Washing Clothes Off Grid

IBC Tote in Bed of Truck

Hauling Our Water

Creating Shade for our Airstream

Installing Shade Sails for our Airstream

Ariel view of driveway on off-grid property

Off-Grid Homestead - Week 1: Driveway, Storage, Water

Tiny Shiny Home in Arizona

We Are Home!

It's Our Land!

Owning the Land & Marking Our Driveway

Rezone approved youtube poster notext

Re-Zoning Update - The Final Approval

Spring Time in Arizona

Building an Off-Grid Homestead: Water Options

Re zoning Update Poster notext

Re-Zoning Update - Did We Get Approved?

Walking the Property Youtube Poster Notext

Property Update

Rezoning property youtube poster notext

Re-Zoning Property in Cochise County

2019 Recap Youtube Poster Notext

2019 Travel Recap + Big News!

Airstream in Arizona Sunset

Growing Roots in Arizona

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