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If you only look after yourself you'll never find yourself

In case you missed it - we soft launched our Last Night Ago store a couple of weeks ago to friends and family and we've already had some pre-orders come in. Which is super exciting and really humbling.

Thank you guys so much. For real.

We had always planned on doing a giveaway when we launched, but we ran out of time trying to get it ready. As you probably surmised by the title of this post - it's ready!

This hand-painted and hand-finished sign says, "If you only look after yourself you'll never find yourself." It's the Longnecker version of Matthew 10:39, but it really just means that if you are selfish with all your time, money, resources, kindness and love it's all for nothing. We truly find ourselves when we're generous with what we've been given. It's something we believe in as we setup our store so that we could use a percentage on the profits to help those in need.

So! If you want to be entered to win this sign you just need to pick up a super comfy shirt from our store sometime between now and June 8th. And of course anyone who's already bought a shirt will be entered to win as well.

Go to the Store ›

Tell your friends! Let's give what we've been given.  

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Posted May 25, 2013

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