Pottery Barn, Who??

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Updated November 24, 2018
Pottery Barn

Ok, I so do not shop at Pottery Barn - like ever - but when I came across this PB mirror knock off I knew I had to make it. Why spend $700 when you can make it yourself? It's project time!

Three Dollar Trees later, I came home with 44 mirrors ($1 each)!  Thank you Dollar Tree :)

Mirror, mirror

After my wonderful and talented husband figured up the dimensions in Illustrator I headed to my favorite hardware store (Go Big Blue)  and got my MDF for the back of the mirror.  PS - This beast is gonna be HEAVY!  There were a few problems with the dimensions (ahem) but we threw back a few ice cold MexiCokes and figured it out. Side Note - You can never measure too many times AND boards aren't actually the size they say they are which is ridiculous in my opinion :)

Lots of numbers and math

So, once we got my favorite 'magic juice' on the beast I let it dry over night and the next morning I put the mirrors in their place with my trusty Liquid Nails - love that stuff - and a few hours later, we're ready to hang!!

Those mirrors fit like a glove!

My original plan was to hang it on the wall in our living room but it wasn't nearly big enough for the huge blank wall and it would look really weird there by itself.  So, I found the most perfect place in the entry hallway!

Hanging up

Looks really good with the "Family" sign which used my favorite 'magic juice' as well. And when the sunlight comes through the front door in the morning it reflects it all the way into the living room and kitchen. Perfect. There she is!  The beast!

Doesn't it look homey?

So, you could go to Pottery Barn and blow $700.00 on a mirror this size.... or..... you could just make one for under $70 - I think you know what to do :)  Go get messy and pick up your nail gun and get sawdust in your hair.  It's fun and it's rewarding to know you just saved your family $630 dollars!


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Posted April 02, 2013

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