Whole 30: Day 1, Day 2 – New Me, New You

Whole30 Days 1 and 2

We are finishing up the 2nd day of our #whole30 challenge.  I just wanted to share with you what we've been eating the last couple days.


BREAKFAST - Shakes (whole food based) with 2 T almond butter and one banana and ice.  This is just what we've done for breakfasts for the last 4 months or so.  It is so nice not to have to think about what we'll eat for breakfast.  We just get up and I make both of our shakes and start the day.  I can tell a big difference in the way I feel if I don't drink the shake in the morning.  I'm tired, and shakey, and just generally feel like garbage. LUNCH - Sweet potato hash with onions, zucchini, mushrooms and steak.  We cook it in a mixture of coconut oil and real (from grass fed cows) butter.

Sweet Potato Hash

DINNER - I made Chicken Zoodle Soup.  I used my Paderno spiralizer (LOVE that thing) to cut up zucchini "zoodles".  Next I chopped up some carrots.  I added my carrots and already cooked chicken to a pot of boiling chicken stock (I always have homemade chicken stock in the freezer).  I threw in some onions chopped real fine just because I had some I needed to use up.  Once the carrots are soft, throw in the zoodles and don't cook too long.  Only a minute or two at the most.  You don't want soggy floppy zoodles :)  This was an easy, quick meal.  My two oldest kids even asked for seconds....wait, what?!?

Chicken Zoodle Soup


BREAKFAST - Shakes (from now on, if I don't mention breakfast, its because we had shakes and I don't want to explain it every blog post) LUNCH - I took romain lettuce leaves, spread on some smashed avocado, layered Applegate Turkey, garden tomatoes, Benton's Bacon, salt and pepper and a bit more avocado.  Man, this hit the spot.  I was wanting a BLT on some salt risen bread, but this was just as great, and way better for us.

Turkey bacon tomato avacado wrap

DINNER - Sweet potato hash with peppers, onions, mushrooms, steak and a bit of sausage thrown in there.  This was tasty!  I like the addition of just a bit of sausage.

Sausage sweet potato hash

LATE NIGHT SNACK - I blended up some chunks of watermelon, added juice from a whole lime, and a whole bunch of ice for a tasty drink that statisvied my craving for chocolate chip cookies.  (man, those sound really good still)

Watermelon lime slush

Grocery shopping is tomorrow and a whole new week of eating healthy.  My kids even discovered they almost like the sweet potato hash and have asked that i make the Chicken Zoodle Soup again.  Sweet!

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Posted August 02, 2014

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