Let's Talk About Beds, Baby!

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Updated November 24, 2018
Beddy's on Bunkbeds in Airstream

Let’s talk a bit about beds shall we? If you’ve seen any of our photos of the Airstream, you’ve probably noticed the kid’s amazing bunk beds.

Beddy's Bedding on Bunkbeds in Airstream

When we were building them, we knew they had to be super sturdy, have enough room to sleep comfortably, and give the kids a space that is their own.

We’ve actually received comments and messages how cruel we are for ‘making the kids live like that’ and someone even said, ‘that’s not enough room for kids’. Well, let’s talk about that a bit shall we?

First off, we aren’t ‘making our kids’ live this way. It’s been a family decision from the very beginning. We wouldn’t be traveling or living in an RV if the kids weren’t okay with it. We know this is not something we will continue forever, but for now everyone is happy and loves it! And as far as there ‘not being enough room for the kids’…their bunks are plenty adequate for them sleeping in or even hanging out during the day to read or relax.

kids on bunk beds with beddy's bedding

We made sure that even adults could lay down, turn over, and sleep comfortably so we know the little humans in here fit just fine. Plus we have the ability to fold down the top bunks and turn the beds into two couches.

Img 5941

This lets us host friends and creates another living space for us to hang out together.

Where do you and Jonathan sleep? Well, we sleep on the kitchen table! No, really! Our dinette table drops down and our cushions rearrange to create a nearly king size bed!

Img 4721

But is it comfortable? It really is! We have plenty of room that if one of our kids are sick, we’re able to have them sleep with us if they want. And we can all lounge on here for movie nights. Jonathan’s computer monitor swivels out, we all bring our pillows to the bed, and it’s a really fun way to hang out and chill.

Img 2495

But what about privacy? Well, we do have a dark curtain that can hang between the kids’ room and our bed. Where there’s a will, there’s a way - and our kids are really sound sleepers! Add some fan noise and so far so good. Plus, there are more places to connect with your significant other than just the bed (wink).

I don’t mind the questions people ask about why and how we live the way we do, but I do mind when people assume that we’re ruining our kids lives because they share a ‘room’ or because their beds aren’t huge. I mean, this whole idea that a kid needs a huge room to themselves is a pretty new concept - millions of other children around the world are growing up sharing a room and it’s just fine.

If you were to walk into our home when the kids go to bed, you’d likely hear them giggling and talking until they fall asleep each night. This is our normal. And this is what works for us at this time in our lives.

So yeah, we do have a tiny house and we don’t have ANY extra space, but in exchange…we have time, we have love, and we have amazing experiences every week exploring this great big world with our kids. I don’t know about you, but I say that’s a pretty great trade off.

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Posted October 15, 2018

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