Re-Zoning Update - Did We Get Approved?

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Updated March 17, 2020
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Our first official meeting for attempting to re-zone the property in Cochise County was March 11th. Jonathan wrote quite the impressive presentation complete with power point slides, because he's an over achiever like that.

We were feeling pretty good after watching the first 3 people breeze through their re-zoning with no problems. Then it was our turn.

After Jonathan made his presentation to the board they asked if anyone was there to speak up about it. One person was there in opposition, and they spoke to the board.

From what we can tell, they just don't want people coming in and re-zoning residential property to rural property. Which we understand, but we are right across the street from several other RU-4 properties so we think it makes sense in our case.

This whole area is divided into 1 acre parcels. It was meant to be a big subdivision back in the 70's, but never took off. Mostly because there is no water in the area. People are buying several one acre parcels and combining them into larger lots. All the houses around (we can see 2 from the property) are already set on at least 4 acres.

If there were homes on every one acre lot out there it would be a disaster. We feel like we'd be helping out the area by having 11 acres and only one residence on the lot. This would allow us to have lots of open area for animals, gardens, and to preserve the desert landscape.

Anyway, the good news is the board still approved us by a vote of 4-2. But we're not celebrating yet...

Our next meeting is set for April 7th where the approval recommendation will go before the county board.

At this meeting people have another chance to oppose the re-zoning and the same person already told us they'll be at that meeting too.

Thankfully we've talked to them and they actually seem quite nice. They're not at all opposed to what we want to do on the property - they just don't want it re-zoned to rural.

With the Coronavirus causing all the things to be shut down, there's a chance this meeting will be postponed. Which would be a huge setback for us timing-wise, but we understand the need to keep everyone safe and healthy. So we'll see how it goes.

We just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have texted, emailed and checked on us during this time. It means so much to us to have you rooting for us. We can't wait to see what happens next.


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Posted March 17, 2020

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