Superadobe Earthbag Dome Workshop

Learn how to build a superadobe earthbag dome from Hayden Annable of Curvatecture.

Dome Workshop 2023

We Love Earthbags!

Hi friends, we're Jonathan & Ashley from Tiny Shiny Home. Our family is building an off-grid desert homestead from the ground up, literally! We started with no construction experience, and have managed to create a solar shed office, chicken garden, composting toilet outhouse, and an outdoor shower, all using hyperadobe earthbags.

TSH Earthbag Projects

A New Exciting Opportunity

So while you may know us as the "hyperadobe hillbillies" we have an exciting opportunity to learn about superadobe earthbag building with Hayden Annable of Curvatecture.

Hayden TSH

We'll be building a small single room dome, and Hayden is bringing years of experience and knowledge to this project:

  • CalEarth Alumni - Graduate of the Long Term Apprentice Program.
  • Over 12 years experience with SuperAdobe.
  • Curvatecture has been running workshops for 10 years, spanning all aspects of SuperAdobe and many Natural Building techniques, and is the only ongoing Australian SuperAdobe construction business.
  • Hayden has been involved with construction and permitting of the first 4 Council Approved SuperAdobe homes in Australia including the WillowEnd Roundhouse.

In addition to hands-on earthbag building, there will also be educational classes and tours of the Tiny Shiny Homestead covering natural building, permaculture techniques, solar power, composting, rainwater catchment, and more (See daily schedule below for more details.) 

This will be the second workshop on our property, and combined with Hayden's extensive knowledge we think this will be an epic event for anyone interested in off-grid and sustainable living.

Date & Time

November 11-17, 2023
8:00am - 3:00pm each day

Location & Lodging

This will be held on our property in Cochise County, AZ. In our best efforts to keep our exact homestead location off the internets, we will be providing recommendations for overnight accommodations only to those signing up. For reference, the closest major towns are Benson & Willcox. There are plenty of options for staying close by:

  • Hotels
  • AirBNB's
  • Campgrounds
  • Boondocking


  1. Saturday (Nov 11th)
    Morning: Intros, History of Superadobe Class
    Afternoon: Planting Compases, Intro to Mixer, Intro to Laying Bag, Barbed Wire & Waterproofing
  2. Sunday (Nov 12th)
    Morning: Bag Laying
    Afternoon: Bag Laying, Door Form, Finish Waterproofing, Earthbag Building Tour
  3. Monday (Nov 13th)
    Morning: Bag Laying
    Afternoon: Soils Intro Class, Plaster Intro Class + Tests
  4. Tuesday (Nov 14th)
    Morning: Bag Laying
    Afternoon: Berm & Swale Tour, Off-Grid Solar Power Tour
  5. Wednesday (Nov 15th)
    Morning: Bag Laying
    Afternoon: Bag Laying, Rainwater Catchment Tour
  6. Thursday (Nov 16th)
    Morning: Bag Laying
    Afternoon: Design Class
  7. Friday (Nov 17th)
    Morning: Bag Laying
    Capping the Dome!, TSH Tours

To get the full experience and build the dome all the way to the top we recommend committing to the full 7 day workshop ($600) - there are only 10 of these spots available.

For those that live close by and would prefer to drop in for certain classes or milestones, there are 5 additional spots open each day ($100/day)Please know the schedule isn't set in stone and will probably change based on how quickly attendees work, weather, etc...


Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and water will be provided each day. Let us know if you have special food allergies or restrictions when signing up. Get in touch if you'd like to sponsor a meal for attendees. 

Important Details

  • Limited space - there will be a max of 15 people EACH DAY at this workshop.
  • If you and your partner or family want to come, you'll need to sign up individually.
  • We recommend reserving the full week, but you can reserve one or more individual days below.
  • Adults Only
  • This workshop will be filmed for multiple video projects. For those confirmed to come, we'll provide a document to sign saying you agree to be filmed as well as a liability release form. 
  • No dogs, please.
  • Bathroom options are nearby or your are welcome to use our Casa de Caca.
  • If rain is in the forecast we may re-schedule.
  • More info will be provided after signing up.
Superadobe Workshop Signup

Sorry, the workshop is over! Signup for our meetup list to know the next time we're doing an event.


We’re looking to partner with small, like-minded organizations that would be interested sponsoring a portion of this event to help bring the cost down for the attendees. 

In addition to visibility at the physical workshop, we’ll be making multiple videos on our YouTube channel chronicling the entire event and the full build of the dome from start to finish. So a sponsorship will also have a long lasting impact online to a much larger audience.

Get in Touch if you're interested and we'll share additional details.