Legend Dairy Goat Barn Container

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Updated February 23, 2024

A project to rehab an old shipping container into the coolest goat barn you've ever seen. Dreamed up by our oldest daughter Adali.

From the very beginning of our homestead journey Adali was totally invested in the animals. She basically raised all our chickens for eggs, pigs and chickens for meat, and goats for milk. She took on the responsibility of feeding and caring for them, waking up early every morning, and getting her own great pyrenees guardian dog to protect them.

By last season we had 4 potential goat mamas, and she wanted to breed all of them. That’s a lot of goats, and our existing infrastructure was not currently up to the task.

Adali came to us with a big proposal - a brand new building that would provide a safe shelter for all the goats, stalls to keep the new kids separate so we could milk, a proper insulated and sanitary milking room, and better feed storage. Plus all new fencing to encourage rotational grazing and create more protection for the animals. 

Goal 100

So we sat down with Adali, created a set of kickstarter style donation options with really fun goodies, and gave our viewers a chance to support her dream. They showed up in a huge way, and funded the project so much that we moved to phase 2, and added even more goals. See below :)

Container plan

The Plan

Adali didn't want something we had to build from scratch. We needed it functional as quickly as possible. Shipping containers had finally come back down to reasonable prices here, so acquired a standard 40’ container to use as the base structure.

We’re calling it the Legend Dairy Goat Barn Container!

Using a shipping container means all we have to do is get the area leveled and compacted, have it set in place, and then we can get to work building out the inside.

Speaking of the inside. First up we’ll be creating a feed storage area on the East side of the container using the existing cargo doors. This way we can do bulk loading easily.

Then we’ll create a “hallway” in the middle section that the animals can take shelter in during storms or cold weather. Inside the hallway will also be 3 gated kidding stalls for keeping new mamas and babies together, separate during weaning, and the ability to lock them up to keep them safe from Predators.

This area will also have some additional storage and two new doors for access from the North and South sides of the container.

The far west end of the building will be framed out and insulated to create a closed sanitary milking room. The long term goal here is a small gray water sink, milking fridge, and possibly AC window unit during the summer. To start it’ll just have a milking stand, though.

Then we’ll install all new field fencing connected to the container. While we love our exterior high tensile electric perimeter fence, we’ve found that we need a tighter weave to keep predators out and baby goats in. Over time we plan to expand off the initial fence and build smaller paddocks for rotational grazing and separating kids and mamas during milking.

As part of phase 2, we're adding framing and full insulation for the entire building, a 10' roof awning overhang, small solar power system, and rainwater catchment.

We hope you enjoy this project - videos of each phase are down below.

THIS COMES FIRST - Prepping our Homestead Perimeter for Container Delivery

The Legend Dairy Goat Barn Container project has officially begun! Before we can bring the shipping container in, we have to deal with surveying and preparing to re-fence our homestead perimeter. Let's do this!

IT'S HERE! Adali's Goat Barn Shipping Container Gets Delivered

The shipping container gets delivered and we have to re-fence our perimeter in record time.

Surprise Guest TRANSFORMS the Shipping Container in One Week!

A surprise special guest comes to the homestead for a week to cut door and window openings, weld frames in, and build the coolest sliding barn door you've ever seen.


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Posted February 22, 2024

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