Exploring South Carolina and Savannah

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Updated November 24, 2018
Hunting Island Jett Jump

On our way to South Carolina, we needed to overnight in Georgia so I found a ‘campground’ via PassPort America. By ‘campground’ I really mean it was a couple’s house and they turned their front yard into a place that 7 RVs could stay at. We were thankful that they came out and sprayed the gigantic ant hills that surrounded the electric box. While it was just a place for us to spend the night, I am so thankful that we didn’t have an ant problem while we were there. The couple was really nice, though. It was Halloween and she brought our kids some candy since they didn’t get to go trick-or-treating, which is something we never do anyway.

We made it to The Oaks at Point South RV Park which is a park in the Thousand Trails system. This makes our 3rd time staying at a TT Park and we have yet to be impressed with any of them. It’s making our decision to NOT buy the full membership very easy. We’d much rather spend the money getting solar and  equipment so we can just boondock wherever we want!

The one thing I can say good about Thousand Trails is we have always had very pleasant interactions with all the workers there. Not once have we had any issues with the employees. If TT would just put some money into their parks I think they’d have a great system that a lot more people would buy into. But the run down buildings, huge pot hole roads and lack of irrigation in the parks make for a not so pleasant experience. 

This park in particular was a hug muddy mess. It had rained many days before we got there but also the first week we were there it rained the majority of the time. Spaces were blocked off due to standing water, if you walked outside you were immediately attacked by tons of mosquitos and it was a fairly miserable first week there. We stayed 13 nights and by the second week the sun was drying up some of the park but the mosquitos were so bad we didn’t spend a whole lot of time outside unless we drove to a nearby town. 

We were able to meet up with some more of Jonathan's friends for lunch one day. Why is it we can NEVER remember to take pictures when we meet up with people?? Geeze O' Pete! I've got to do better about that!

While in the low country, of course we had to visit the Sheldon Church Ruins.

Sheldon Ruins Plaque

It was such a cool place with so much history.

Sheldon Ruins

Woah! Is it getting hot in here?? Hubba, hubba...

Sheldon Ruins Pose

With so much rain the first week, we were SO excited the day it stopped! We couldn't get our bikes racked up soon enough.

Spanish Moss Bike Trail

We were only able to get one bike ride in, and the Spanish Moss Bike Trail didn't disappoint. It's a hidden jem in Beaufort. While we didn't ride very long, we were able to get in around 7 miles before the kids were ready to get home.

Spanish Moss Bikes Spanish Moss Bikes 2

We always have fun stopping on the trail to look at birds on the trail!

Ada on Spanish Moss Trail

A couple days later, we decided to venture out to Old Fort Jackson.

Old Fort Jackson Cloudy

The historian there was remarkable.

Fort Jackson Historian

He knew so much (or at least made us believe he did) and he was so fun to listen to.

Ada Cannonball

He kept our kids' attention and was so entertaining.

Fort Jackson Historian Kids Fort Jackson Jax load cannon

As an added bonus, we got to see HUGE cargo ships going by. We have never seen shuch huge ships up close!

Fort Jackson Cargo Ship

It was a beautiful day there and we highly suggest you stop and learn about the fort. Hopefully you will get the same historian we did, but even if you don't, it's worth the stop...just bring BUG SPRAY!!

Fort Jackson Sunset

We had a free afternoon to discover Hunting Island State Park and that was so fun. Side one of the beach area looked like this...

Hunting Island Beach Hunting Island kids on beach

The other side was this beautiful mess of washed up trees. 

Hunting Island Beach Trees

We have never seen anything like it. It seemd like some kind or art display.

Hunting island tree reflection

The kids had a blast climbing and exploring.

Hunting Island standing on tree

This is one place I doubt we will forget!

Hunting Island hanging on tree

After our day at Hunting Island State Park, we went to the riverwalk to have dinner and catch the sunset.

Riverwalk sunset palm trees

We made it just after the sun set but the colors were still spectacular.

Riverwalk sunset

We live for moments like this. 

Riverwalk sunset Ashley Jonathan

We have made so many great memories in South Carolina but it's time to move on south! Bring on Georgia!


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Posted November 24, 2015

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