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Updated November 24, 2018
BareNeckers Logo

You may have noticed things are starting to look a little different around here. After 8 months of transitioning our lives from living in a house and subdivision to traveling full time in our 5th wheel, we finally have the time and brain space to make BareNeckers a full-fledged brand.

Being a designer, the first thing I wanted to nail down was a proper logo. When we changed up our name last year from Last Night Ago to BareNeckers I threw together a simple logotype with our name in it. It was alright, but we always wanted some kind of graphic or badge that would be easily recognizable.

New Logo Sketches

The hard part was figuring out what that looked like. We spent a lot of time talking about what BareNeckers was now and what we wanted it to be in the future. What we stood for and cared about.

And it all came down to five pillars:

  1. Adventure
  2. Nature
  3. Unconventional Ideas
  4. Soul
  5. Family

I could probably write a book on each of these (and who knows, we might), but for now let's just say that all of these go deep to the core of who we are and what we believe. 

I think most of the symbols in our icon are pretty self explanatory except for maybe the arrows. While these have become kind of a trendy visual the last couple of years we see them differently.

Psalm 127:4-5 says: Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.

That's right - our quiver of arrows represents the family pillar for us. 

We did keep our scripty logotype, but added a descriptive tagline - partially for us because we're prone to changing directions far too often, but also to let people know what we're about. BareNeckers could go a lot of ways without an explanation. Like, a lot of ways. 

Best to be clear up front, right? So we settled on "family adventures, counter-culture ideas and naked souls." It's a more succinct, interesting version of our five pillars.

Finally, we added a little color. And now we've got the beginnings of a proper brand.

BareNeckers Logo

Currently I'm working on some rad business cards and a letterhead/resume in case we want to do some work-camping down the road. Oh, and there will definitely be some decals for the rig soon. 

Decal Mockup

In the meantime, we'd love to hear what you think of the new look!


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Jonathan Longnecker

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Jonathan Longnecker is the strongly opinionated tattooed and bearded half of Tiny Shiny Home. He loves making music, figuring out nerdy solutions, exploring the outdoors, and living off-grid.

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Posted January 13, 2016

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