Three Year Nomadiversary - We're Still Loving Full Time Travel

3 years on the road

Yesterday marked our 3 year Nomadiversary. THREE WHOLE YEARS of adventures on the road! As I was looking back at all we have accomplished since we left suburbia, I just can’t believe how much the kids have grown.

Kids together 2015

I’m not talking about growing taller (although Adali is just a couple inches from being eye-to-eye with her mom). What I’ve noticed in the photos is how they’ve really grown closer to each other. 

Kids after riding the Virginia Creeper

We’ve always been a tight-knit family, and I think a huge part of that is the fact that we’ve always homeschooled and Jonathan has worked from home since Adali was a baby. Together is all we’ve known…all they’ve known. 

kids together in New York 2015

One of the many reasons we left suburbia was to strengthen our family bond. We’ve watched them become best friends. 

December 2015 Kids together on beach

They've taught each other new things.

Adali teaching Ada

They have taken care of each other when one gets hurt. 

Ada Comforts Jax after he got hurt

We’ve seen the love they have for each other and that just makes all the hard days fade away. It takes a special bond to be able to be in such tight quarters and still like each other!

kids on top of mountain

Sure, they have their days of arguing and getting on each others nerves, but those days are few and far between. 

One question we get asked all the times is, “How long do you think you’ll continue traveling?” Our answer has always been, “Until it’s not fun anymore.”

kids in Acadia

You see, we’re watching closely. Making sure everyone is still having funand most importantly, making sure everyone is still friends. 

kids in Oregon

So for now, we’ll continue to visit new places.

kids on a train

Climb more mountains.

kids in yosimite

Swim in more streams.

creek in idaho

Watch more sunsets.

texas lookout

And we’ll do it together...

together, favorite place to be

...because that is our favorite place to be!

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Posted May 03, 2018

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