We Sold our RV!

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Updated November 24, 2018

Ya’ll!! I am so excited! (I guess when I’m excited the country in me comes out) We did it! We have found such an amazing family to live in our RV (Rocksteady). We have prayed and prayed for the right family to come along and 4 days before our ad expired on RVTrader, we got the call! All that worrying, and stress was not needed. I should have known. Every time we have had a worry or doubt, God has showed up in such a big way. I don’t know why, but it surprises me every time!

We got a message from Charlie. He told us that he and his family were interested in our RV and would love to have his parents come out and check it out! Meet Charlie and Becca, and their family!

Becca And Charlie

You see, Charlie and his wife, Becca, they live in....wait for it... TENNESSEE! Ya’ll, see what I mean! God does some cool stuff. How wild is it that they are actually pretty close to where we are from! But the best part... his parents live in Eugene, OR (not far from where we are spending the summer here in La Grande). So, how cool is it that we have all these connections already. But, it doesn’t stop there!

Guess how many kids they have!! FOUR! Just opposite of ours... Boy, girl, girl, boy. I’m telling you! It’s wild. We were able to FaceTime with them (thanks Apple) and show them the RV when Charlie’s parents came to check it out. We spent lots of time going over all the different things we have added and what was in the cabinets. They also homeschool as well (see, so many similarities) and I know Becca was concerned about the space that the books would take up. I showed her where we store all our books and I think it will be no problem for them! We have plenty of storage.

Charlie’s dad is a retired diesel mechanic so he wanted to come and check out ol’ Beebop - our trusty F350 Super Duty. He confirmed what we were telling him. It’s a great truck and honestly, I’m super sad to see it go. It has been such a great tow vehicle and we’re finding it very hard to find a replacement. 

So, once Becca and Charlie had time to really think and pray about the decision, we got the call that made it official! They were ready to buy it! Guys, the timing of this is just so awesome. They sold their house and close on it August 15th, we leave La Grande on August 24th, and we’re driving to Saginaw, TX and getting there by the 29th. We will spend the 30th removing all of our items from our RV into the Airstream we bought (WE BOUGHT AN AIRSTREAM!!!) then we pick up Charlie and Becca at the airport on the 31st. We will spend the rest of that day showing them the ropes and making sure they know how to handle everything. On the first of September, we will pick up our Airstream and head to Indiana to begin the renovation process! 

Once we arrive in Indiana, we will be busting our butts to get this renovation done as soon as possible so that we can get back out west before winter!

We are completely overwhelmed with happiness and so thankful with how this turned out. We know our adventure mobiles are going to a great family and we are so excited for their adventures to begin. 

I can’t wait to tell you the details of us buying an Airstream, but I’ll save that for another day! 

Cheers to new adventures!


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Posted July 27, 2016

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