Why is Self Care Important When Living Tiny?

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Updated September 25, 2019
Walking in Saskatchewan

Self Care. Even saying those words makes me feel guilty. Is this just a new catchphrase that moms are throwing around to make them feel better about spending time away from their family to do something for themselves?

The truth is, I really thought this. It’s still new to me that taking time to do something for myself isn’t necessarily selfish. I’m not talking about taking an entire day to visit some fancy spa and spend hundreds on facials and massages…though that does sound amazing.

I’m talking about taking time to do something that feeds your soul. That makes you remember that you’re a person, not just a mom and a wife. Things like signing up for that pottery class, buying a plant that makes you smile every time you see it, doing some yoga, or going to a coffee shop alone and ordering your favorite spice chai drink that you don’t have to share with anyone!

Living in 220 sq. ft. as a family of six, as you can imagine...we are close. Physically. VERY. CLOSE. We spend nearly all day every day right next to each other, and we love it. But it's easy to get caught up in taking care of everyone else's needs, and it's even easier to forget that you, too, have needs.

In the last few months, Jonathan and I have been making it a priority to let each other have one day out of the Airstream alone. Yes, that usually involves us working, doing laundry, or going to the grocery store, but it’s a start right?

This week I took it a step further. I’ve gotten up each morning (I know it’s only Wednesday, but still…) to take a long walk. We’re visiting Saskatchewan this week and fall is here to stay.

Campground in Saskatchewan

I’ve discovered a new podcast (Practice You) that is giving me life. Elana Brower's voice has a way of making all your troubles melt away. It’s been so great to have an hour to walk, and listen, and think, and find myself again. After listing to an episode with Eddie Stern, I downloaded his breathing app and after my walk I’ll take time to lay down in the hallway, AirPods still in, and just breathe. Even just having 5 minutes of intentional breathing makes me feel like a new person.

There’s something to be said about taking time for yourself, mommas (and dads). Be it 5 minutes or an entire day. We are not just moms. We have needs, we have desires, we have goals, and we need time to dive into our passions. We can’t possibly expect to be the best versions of our selves if we don’t take time to do things that give us life.

What makes you feel alive? Is it a walk in nature? Catching up with a close friend? Traveling? How are you making time for you? My hope is that we, as mothers, wives, partners, stop feeling guilty about taking time for ourselves.

I'd love to hear how you make time to do things that fill your soul. Leave a comment and let me know below.


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Ashley Longnecker

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Posted September 25, 2019

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