Airstream Renovation: Week 1 - Demoing & Removing the Interior

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Updated October 23, 2020
Ashley In Airstream

I told Jonathan that I saw that some people demoed their Airstream in 2 days! If they can do it in 2 days, so can I. But the thing is, I have never demoed an Airstream before, 2 days turned into 7. Turns out, there’s a heck of a lot of rivets in an Airstream. And when thing one is connected to thing two which can’t be removed until you loosen thing 3 and then kick thing 4, it takes a lot longer than you thought. Then your all like, “why won’t this tambour door come out?” and then the credenza table nearly falls on your face when you remove the last screw. That’s was what my first week was like trying to demo the darn thing.

Luckily, the first week Jonathan was able to be done with work soon after his lunch break, and helped me remove all the things.

Half Way Gutted Airstream Toilet Contimplations Jon Removing Bathroom All Removed Except Kitchen And Bath Removing Kitchen Cabinets

One thing we didn't count on is all the trips to the dump! $30 for a full truck load as long as it's under 1000 lbs. Holy Cow! Luckily, when we cut out the copper pipes, I scrapped them and made $42.50 so that paid for one load! (make sure you remove the brass fittings so you get more for your copper)

Truck Load

It looked to be a never ending job but we finally got the Airstream gutted and what a difference one week made.

Before Demo Gutted Airstream

We even took time to try our hand at removing the vinyl from the interior walls, just to see if it would work! Well, it works, but it takes a really long time. We didn’t do all the steps to make it shiny and beautiful...yet. We were just too exhausted from pulling it all off. Now I know why everyone is painting their interior walls white! That would have been much easier, but ‘someone’ wanted metal walls, so...metal walls he gets!

Highlights from this week include a trip to Lowe’s to find some last minute supplies.

Jon And Ada At Lowes

And lots of fun with the 8 track.

Now, on to week two!

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Posted September 14, 2016

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