Camp Hatteras Campground in The Outer Banks of N.C.

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Updated November 24, 2018

How in the world is my boy already turning 8! I remember the day he was born.

Baby Jett and Mom

We thought we had parenting down because Adali was the easiest, happiest, quietest babe ever. Boy were we wrong! He came out screaming and seemed like he would never stop. I remember him waking up babies on the same floor in the middle of the night with his screaming. He since has gotten over that, for the most part :)

Jett flying kite

We are letting the kids decide what they want to do for their birthdays (around where we are at the time) this year. Instead of buying them ‘things’ we are opting for experiences instead. When we asked Jett where he wanted to go for his birthday it was no surprise that he choose the beach! And we were all super excited that he did. We needed a ‘vacation’ so to speak.

We headed towards The Outer Banks of North Carolina. We were staying in the town of Rodanthe at Camp Hatteras Campground. While there we were just a short walk over the dunes to the beach. The weather that week was absolutely perfect. We spent so many days at the pool and the beach. Jon was able to not work too much that week and take a mini vacation with us. It is so nice for him to be able to take some time off on special weeks like the kids’ birthdays. 

The highlights of the week were Days at the beach.


Putt-putt at night at the campground.

Ada playing putt putt

Magical momets, like Jett reading on his own.

Jett reading a book!

Eating delicious pizza and leaving our mark.

Jax drawing on chalkboard wall at pizza place

Ada being super tired at night and falling asleep sitting up.

Ada Sleep

Trying crab legs for the first time.

Ada Crab Legs

Visiting Bodie Island Lighthouse.

Kids at Bodie Island Lighthouse Bodie island lighthouse

Making awesome pizza in my waffle iron.

Waffle Iron Pizza

Evening fires on the beach.

Campfire on the beach

Our first Junior Ranger Badges.

First Jr. Ranger Badges

Celebrating Jett turning 8!!

Jett Birthday

Jonathan took Jett on his very first plane ride. They both had so much fun. I am so glad they got to have that memory together.

Jon and Jett Birthday Jon and Jett on Plane

If you are in the Outer Banks, you must go to this resturant and you MUST order their fish tacos. I hate fish but those tacos were magical.


Jax wanted to have his picture by the “American Sunsphere”


We got to climb up a lighthouse. The views were amazing but I have reaffirmed my fear of heights. I was a nervous wreck.

Up in lighthouse

Our last day we went to Jockey’s Ridge State Park. Oh. My. Goodness. That place was amazing.

The dunes were huge, pictures don’t do it justice. The kids had so much fun running down them. Jax was super tired after about an hour there. We got to fly Jett’s birthday kite up on the ridege at sunset and it was just fantastic.

Jockey's Ridge far away

We had such a great time there. If you go, go only in the evening. The dunes get 20-30 degrees hotter than the temperature outside and can be around 120 degrees in the sand! OUCH!


We would definately be going back there if we are in the area again.

Ada and Jax at Jockey's Ridge

Perfect place to catch an amzging sunset and snag some good pictures.

Family at Jockey's Ridge

We had a great time in The Outer Banks of N.C. and will be returning at some point.


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Posted July 03, 2015

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