Hauling Our Water - It's a Whole Thing!

Transferring water in the desert - it's a whole thing
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Updated October 23, 2020
IBC Tote in Bed of Truck

There have been several viewers ask how we’re getting water out here on our desert homestead. Well, today is your lucky day! We’re showing you the entire process.

It involves a 330 gallon IBC tote, our Zero G Hose, our transfer pump, and our Enduraplas Water Tank from Oasis Water Harvesting in Sierra Vista.

The process is actually quite simple, but fairly time consuming. From the time we load our IBC tote into the truck until we have successfully transferred the 300 gallons into our big 2600 gallon tank, it takes a FULL HOUR. It would take us nine trips to completely fill our larger water tank.

From there, we use the transfer pump to move 40 gallons at a time into our fresh water tank on the Airstream.

Currently, we are averaging around 100 gallons of use per week. We have seen a HUGE increase in the amount of water we are daily consuming, but also getting a lot more showers throughout the week which I am NOT complaining about :)

We hope to eventually have a more powerful outdoor pump with pressure switch and accumulator tank so we can have a constant access to the large water tank. That's a project for another day, though!

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Stay safe out there, friends.


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Posted May 26, 2020

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