Water Pump FAIL

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Updated August 12, 2021
Water Pump Fail

After our shade sail project went spectacularly, we had a major FAIL. 

We spent the last week plumbing and re-plumbing our water pump (6 times!!!) only to have it continuously leak every time. THEN we realized that our 2000 watt inverter couldn't even handle the pump. Arghhhh!

Hey, we just needed more power right?


Water Pump Fail

We thought it would be as simple as switching to a 3000 watt inverter, but it turns out that even though we over-gaugued all our wiring when we renovated the Airstream, it wasn't enough for that size inverter. Instead of rewiring our entire system at 4/0 cable, we’re sending back the pump, returning the 3000 watt inverter, and starting over.

Replacing our Inverter

You know, sometimes you just need to keep things simple and go with your gut. Our original plan was to just use a 12 volt water pump much like the one we have in our Airstream, connect it to a 12 volt battery and charge it with a small solar panel. So, hopefully in the coming weeks we can get this water situation all figured out.

As with most things we have done since moving out here 6 weeks ago, it’s all just a big lesson. We’re learning so much, often by making mistakes, but how else do you get the experience? Sometimes we have to fail, and fail hard, to get to where we want to be. And that’s okay by me.

How great it is for our kids to be able to see us make so many mistakes? To fail, to find another solution, and to learn from them.

There's something really great about getting to share this life with our kids. They aren't just watching, they are learning right beside us, and that's what this whole adventure is all about. Learning new things together.

Hopefully next week we’ll have a more successful project to share with you!

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Thanks friends!

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Posted June 08, 2020

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