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When we first started telling our friends and family that we were going to sell everything and begin full-time RVing we got a lot of funny looks. Lots of people talk about living on the road and getting to travel but few actually commit. Some say "When I retire...." but then retirement comes and goes and the older you get the more you feel like you either can't do it due to financial reasons or you can't because of your health.

We are so fortunate to be able to have jobs that we can do on the road. My husband can work anywhere we have good internet and I can do odd jobs. I am currently trying to find a woodworking hobby that I can do on the road that doesn't require too many tools that take up a lot of room. I've looked into carving tools to begin carving my own wooden spoons, but they are pretty pricy and not sure if it's something I would enjoy. (Honestly, I'm more nervous than anything after talking to the woodcarving guys and having them tell me that these tools are sharper than scaples) I'm going to have to experiment more on that before we head out. 

One thing I really enjoy doing is taking pictures. A couple of years ago I began taking pictures of friends to raise money for our Jamaica adoption. That went over really well and so I began doing it more often. In September I mentioned on Facebook that I would be doing photo sessions to raise money for our RV purchase so that we could buy it debt free. The response from friends was great. I was able to spend time with some friends that I really love, and take pictures of thier beautiful families and raise money for our future. We are well on our way and so very excited to begin this journey. I want to highlight some of my favorite pictures from this months sessions. These are all dear friends who are helping make our dream come true and for that, I thank you!

Browns Kenandbarbie Londons Ericandmegan Hephners Gageandlauren Slocum Billings

I plan on picking a new project each month to raise funds for our travels. Next month I will be working on a few custom signs for friends to raise money for our Nomad Necker's Adventures. I currently have 2 people on my list and will only be accepting 2 more sign orders for the month of November. 

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Ashley Longnecker

About the Author

Ashley Longnecker is the fiercely independent tattooed and dreaded half of Tiny Shiny Home. She's a woodworker, photographer and maker of delicious baked goods. She loathes schedules and makes every day an adventure.

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Posted October 27, 2014

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