Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Video

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Updated November 24, 2018
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Guys. We are the biggest ninja turtle nerd family you've ever met. Seriously.

All 4 of my kids love the turtles - and each have chosen their favorite. Jett likes Leonardo the leader, Adali likes Donatello the scientist, Jax likes Michelangelo the fun one, and Ada likes Raph the hothead. It's actually kind of weird how much the turtles parallel our kids. Anyway.

We've watched just about every episode of every season of every incarnation of the Turtles, seen the movies (yes, even the new one!) and we're addicted to the toys.

When Nickelodeon bought the rights to TMNT several years ago I had no idea the Turtles would be back with such a vengeance. But it's pretty awesome to be able to share a love for something you had as a kid with your own kids. Of course, now that the Ninja Turtles are everywhere again, so are the toys.

I'm pretty sure we have every one they've made. We watch toy fairs to see when the next characters are coming out. Guys, we have a problem. To be fair - the Playmates toys are actually really good quality and pretty cheap for what you're getting. They're a good size and lots of fun to play with. Unlike the tiny little super hero toys they make that are nearly twice as expensive and no fun to play with.

I didn't want our kids to have all these toys and just play with them occasionally. I wanted to teach them how to make something awesome with what they have. So naturally we made a Ninja Turtle Video.

We hope you like it! We had a blast making it :)


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Posted August 28, 2014

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