Fencing Cost Breakdown

High Tensile Fencing Cost Breakdown
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Updated November 03, 2020
Gate and fence at sunset

In case you didn't know, we just finished up a big 6 acre fencing project here on our Tiny Shiny Homestead. Lots of people have asked what it cost, so we rolled up our sleeves, pulled out our our calculators, and got to work.

Fence 1

The Fence

After lots of research, we opted to install a 9 strand, high tensile electric fence using wooden corner posts and Timeless Fence System T-Posts. This allowed us to close off the property to the cows that free roam close by, but also use the lower electrified lines to keep out predators like coyotes and mountain lions.

We plan to have our own animals soon, and wanted to prepare for that.

The system also uses Gripples for ease of maintenance and repair, and a simple solar electric fence charger since we're off-grid and don't have standard power available. 

Keep in mind that our fencing project is 6 acres, and is an irregular shape so we had roughly double the corners most people would have. That definitely inflated the cost a bit.

The Process

This project took our family (and some friends) about 5 weeks start to finish. It was definitely the hardest physical labor we've ever done in the hottest part of the year in the high desert of Arizona. But we're so proud of what we were able to accomplish! Here's the process.

  1. Fencing Part 1 - Clearing Lines and Setting Corner Posts
  2. Fencing Part 2 - Closing in the Timeless Fence System!
  3. Fencing Part 3 - Connecting Electric, Securing Gates, & Cleaning Up
Corner post with insulators

Fencing Materials

These are the basic materials we used for our fence. Wood posts for the corners, Timeless Fence System insulated T-posts, high tensile wire, plastic insulators, and Gripples.



6/7 Wooden Posts, 8ft x 27 ($18.99 ea)$512.73

5/6 Wooden Posts, 8ft x 26 ($14.99 ea)

Quickcrete 80# Concrete Bags x 53 ($4.20 ea)$222.60
High Tensile Wire x 6 (4000' rolls, $119.99 ea)$719.94
High Strain Corner Post Insulators x 24 (Bags of 10, $8.99 ea)$215.76
1.5" Timeless Fence System T-Post, 5.5ft x 110 ($7.25 ea)$797.50
Medium Gripples x 160 ($1.23 ea)$196.80

8" Timberlock Lag Screws x 50


U-nails x 300


Asphalt Emulsion, 5 Gallon x 2 ($40.00 ea)


Barbless Cable, 80 Rod




Electra Solar Fence Charger

Electric Fence & Gate Installation Materials

In addition to the base materials, we had additional costs for electrifying the fence, hanging the gates and securing them with paneling and latches.



2 Joule 12 volt Solar Electric Fence Charger


16' Tube Gates x 2 ($129.99 ea)

4' Tube Gates x 1 ($79.99 ea)$79.99
Best Gate Latch x 2 ($39.20 ea)$78.40
Hog Panel Fencing x 3 ($25 ea)$75.00
100ah Marine Battery$120.00
Waterproof Battery Box$20.00

Insulated Copper Wire, 500ft




Jonathan with Auger & Fence Posts

Fencing Tools

Thankfully not a ton of specific tools are needed for installing high tensile fencing. Many of them you may already have lying around. Coming off 5 years on the road, we had to purchase some of these.





Gas Powered Auger


Bolt Cutters


Gripple Tensioning Tool


Lineman Pliers


4lb Sledge Hammer


T-Post Driver


Spinning Jenny


Circular Saw




Cordless Drill and Impact Driver


Wire Twisting Tool




Bonus Animal Paddock

Fencing Grand Total - $4,301.42

So, the grand total of our hight tensile electric fence install on 6 acres came to about $4,300 not including tools.

Would we do it again?

Yes! In fact, we plan to fence in the other 5 acres of our property at some point. The only thing we will probably do different is we will most likely NEVER do another fencing project in the dead of summer. Woah. It was hot. But the cost, maintainability, and flexibility of the Timeless T-Post system has totally won us over.

Onward to more fun homesteading projects!


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Posted September 21, 2020

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