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Sommer, Raleigh, FacilityDude and Helpful Neighbors

Ashley Longnecker Ashley Longnecker / July 03, 2015
90 degrees inside the trailer

So, now we are on our own. We packed up early Sunday morning May 31 and headed to Raleigh, NC. One of the last things we do before hooking up is pulling in our slides.

“Kids room, coming in!” All is well.

“Our room, coming in!” All is well.

“Kitchen, coming in!”.....Craaaapppp!!

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Full Time Travel Transition: Part 1

Ashley Longnecker Ashley Longnecker / June 02, 2015
RV in the culdesac

As we are coming up on a full month of transitioning into our moveable home, I thought I should catch you up on what’s happened so far. The short version, at least. 

May 2, 2015 we picked up the 5th wheel (or as we like to call it, RockSteady). A few people had told us we should mount our electrical/brake line inside the bed instead of under the tailgate where it came factory installed. It was one of those things that we just didn’t have time to do before picking it up. We hook everything up and sure enough - our truck bed was too long and the cord was getting caught on turns. So 2 hours later, a new plug is installed in our truck bed, and we were finally on our way. 

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The Call

Ashley Longnecker Ashley Longnecker / April 15, 2015
Home Living Room

March 23, 2015. I spent the whole day cleaning and staging each room so that I could get some amazing pictures of our home. The kids were so helpful in picking up their toys and making everything look in tip-top shape. We scrubbed off all the crayon marks on the walls and dusted all the doors and frames. We cleaned all the windows and got some really amazing pictures taken. It took me from 9am until 3:30 to get every room clean, staged and photographed. I was so motivated that day. I remember having an extra pep to my step and just thinking how fun that was to see my house for what it truly can be (when there aren’t little people making creative memories all over the place). I remember praying over the rooms that day. Praying for the next family who has this house that they would love it as much as we do and that their family would be blessed in their new home.

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Confessions of a Foodaholic

Ashley Longnecker Ashley Longnecker / March 25, 2015

I have big problems. I wake up and think about food, I get done eating and think about what I am going to eat next. I go to bed thinking about food. I have been known to ‘sneak’ food. I’ve planned outings around food. I celebrate with food. I get depressed and I fix it with food. I am happy so I eat food. I’m sad, so I eat food. 

This is an ongoing struggle for me. It’s real, and it’s painful. Painful in my pants, and also painful in my heart. I hate that I cannot get control over this issue. I try to make healthy meals and then one thought of chocolate and it breaks my whole healthy eating routine. I know it’s a self control issue, but I also believe it’s something bigger. What, I still don’t know but it’s real and it really sucks. 

Last March Jonathan and I started eating really well. We cut out sugar and grains. We did a cleanse for 21 days. We even did Whole30 for the month of August. Then life happened. Celebrations happened. Holidays happened. And for one reason after another, sugar crept its way back into our lives. Last year I had done so good (in my opinion) and was down 30 pounds. Now, I’m almost back to where I started last year and it’s becoming harder and harder to deal with it. I want to eat good. I want to get a good exercise in everyday. I want to cut out sugar and dairy and grains again. I felt AMAZING the month of August last year. But those first 2 weeks on Whole30 were a $(%)!! 

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Good iPad Games for Your Older Kids: Part 2

Jonathan Longnecker Jonathan Longnecker / March 10, 2015
Good iPad games for your kids part 2

We're back with more iPad games for your kids that aren't stupid"free" or crammed with in-app purchases and ads. They also look and feel like someone actually cared when making them. In other words - these are good, solid games that are worth paying for. 

This time I wanted to focus on games for the older kids in your family. Don't worry! I'll let you know if there's stuff like language or violence that you may want to watch out for. Looking for games for your younger kids? Check out Part 1.

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