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Join Us at ConvergeFL Nov 7-8 2014 in Jacksonville, Florida

Jonathan Longnecker Jonathan Longnecker / October 13, 2014

Ashley and I are super excited to be a part of ConvergeFL this year - we'll be moderating a 10/20 session on creativity all day Saturday!

What's a 10/20 you ask? Good question. They are hour-long sessions with a group of attendees where anyone can take 10 or 20 minutes to ask a question or pitch an idea. Everyone can jump in and have a lively discussion - it's just limited to 10-20 minutes. There’s a moderator in each group (us!) to keep time and offer some topics if no one's feeling chatty.

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Simplify September : Our Closet

Ashley Longnecker Ashley Longnecker / October 07, 2014
Simplify September

The theme for our closet is, “Never organize what you can discard.” This is embarrassing. I’m going to show you what I had to deal with. I’m not even sure how it got this bad, but that’s how it happens. No one sets out to have a ton of clothes in their closet that they don’t wear, or a bunch of shoes that they no longer wear, or boxes of junk that they’re not even sure where it came from or boxes on the top shelf that they don’t even know what is in them. So, here it goes....

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Draw Like You Mean It

Jonathan Longnecker Jonathan Longnecker / October 06, 2014

Tonight I got to spend some time with my oldest son. We walked around Target and looked at some toys he was saving to buy, and then we headed over to Panera Bread to eat a cookie the size of my head and draw some stuff. What you see above is our first father-son collaboration! He drew the robot's body lines and I gave him a quick overview of how light and shadows worked, filling in the shading.

What really struck me was when I gave him the pencil to start drawing. He didn't hesitate, or ask me what I thought he should draw. I wish I could have gotten a video, because the sureness of each stroke was amazing. He just dove in and pounded this thing out in 30 seconds. It was beautiful. 

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Simplify September

Ashley Longnecker Ashley Longnecker / October 01, 2014
Simplify September

Some really smart person once said, “If things in your life aren’t adding up, start subtracting.” This quote can apply to so many aspects of everyone’s lives but for now, I’m going to concentrate on clutter in general.

Guys, it will creep up on you and weigh you down and you won’t even realize it. It’s everywhere. I mean, EVERYWHERE! Once we decided to start traveling full-time, I went a bit crazy. Nothing too new – I mean I am one to clean out crap of random spots pretty regularly, but this has hit a new level. I made a list in August of all the things I needed to simplify for my family during the month of September. For example.... 

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Pros & Cons for RV Travel Round 2

Jonathan Longnecker Jonathan Longnecker / September 22, 2014
Panama city sunset

Good evening, my friends! I sit here at our picnic table on a camp site in Panama City Beach where we've decided to spend a few days with our tent and our kids adventuring. They're all asleep and I'm here working and writing by lantern light, listening to the reeds rustle off the lagoon and double checking around the table to make sure no small animal is about to attack me. 

Since Ashley's Pro/Con list a couple of weeks ago we've been talking quite a bit at our house about what traveling full time could look like. Here's a few more thoughts now that we've had more time to digest things. Also, I'm definitely the more pragmatic one between the two of us (i.e. I think hard about process and details).

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