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Code:Rad - Melody Joy Designs

Jonathan Longnecker Jonathan Longnecker / December 30, 2014

I am not sure how I found Miss Melody Joy on Instagram but I am so glad I did. She is so rad. Not only is she this wonderful carefree spirit, she radiates joy and passion and love. I cannot wait to meet her one day. I have a feeling we would be great friends.

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Where do you get high-quality wholesale fitted shirts?

Jonathan Longnecker Jonathan Longnecker / December 12, 2014
Where Do You Get Shirts

It's funny, as soon as we decided to get out of the hand-printed t-shirt game we got a flood of questions as to how we were doing it. I keep thinking maybe they shouldn't take advice from the guys closing up shop, right? I kid, I kid. We did learn a ton in our short time doing this and thought it might be helpful if I wrote all this down somewhere on the internets.

What we'll be tackling today is the question we were asked most: "Where did you get your shirts?"

That's a great question. If you're not part of that world and trying to break in it's tough to know where to start.

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Get out of town sale

Jonathan Longnecker Jonathan Longnecker / December 03, 2014

Hey everybody! How was your Thanksgiving? We had such a great time here in Knoxville - everyone came to our house and we enjoyed a truly relaxed time of stuffing our faces, laughing and actually getting to talk to each other. 

It's funny how even when you spend time with your family, you can still be busy enough to cut it short or just not be mentally present. Maybe it was the fact that everyone was off from work that day - or maybe it was just cold and rainy enough for people to linger, but it was nice to hang with the family.

I've watched in amusement the last several days as what used to be just one day of sales has turned into like 5 days of "money events." Stores opened a day early on Thanksgiving day, Black Friday was still Black Friday, Saturday got devoted to local businesses, Monday the Internet was on sale and then Tuesday was all about giving. I love giving and all, but I just had to laugh and the ridiculousness of the marketing madness. I'm getting a little tired of everyone else telling me when and how to spend my money.

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Create Don't Hate

Jonathan Longnecker Jonathan Longnecker / December 01, 2014
Create Dont Hate

We have a saying in our house that you've probably heard before. "You get what you get and you don't pitch a fit." It's a fun little rhyming reminder to the kids when they complain about all the things.

For example: I give them two cookies, they complain that they didn't get three. We take them somewhere special and they complain that we didn't go out to eat, too. As parents that can be super frustrating. You're doing your best, trying to make them happy and they aren't content with anything. It's not their fault, though. We all start out kind of selfish. That's why we have to teach them to be gracious and thankful, right? Right.

But lately I've been noticing that as we get older we start to forget that lesson, too.

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Nomad Necker's Friends

Ashley Longnecker Ashley Longnecker / October 27, 2014

When we first started telling our friends and family that we were going to sell everything and begin full-time RVing we got a lot of funny looks. Lots of people talk about living on the road and getting to travel but few actually commit. Some say "When I retire...." but then retirement comes and goes and the older you get the more you feel like you either can't do it due to financial reasons or you can't because of your health.

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