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Grass Roots Farmers' Co-op - Real Meat on the Road!

Ashley Longnecker Ashley Longnecker / February 27, 2020
Grass Roots Farmers' Co-op

Traveling full time has so many benefits. You get to go so many amazing places that you may have never had the chance to visit before. You'll meet new people and find great friends along the way. But traveling full time also comes with challenges. Groceries being a big one!

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Earth Runners - The Best Minimalist Sandal

Ashley Longnecker Ashley Longnecker / February 03, 2020
Earth Runners - Best Travel Shoes

You all know we’re minimalists, I mean…we live in 220 sq ft, we kind of have to be. But even before we lived in an RV and started traveling full-time, we were always into the idea that less is more.

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2019 Travel Recap + Big News!

Jonathan Longnecker Jonathan Longnecker / January 12, 2020
2019 Recap Youtube Poster

Oh, dear sweet 2019. You were nothing but lovely to us. With all the year-in-review posts and videos, we thought it only fitting to look back at all we did last year. Isn’t it so strange that while you’re living your daily lives, it rarely seems like we’re accomplishing all we want to?

But then you look back a year later and think, “Holy crap! We did so much!” That’s exactly how we feel, too.

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Growing Roots in Arizona

Ashley Longnecker Ashley Longnecker / January 07, 2020
Airstream in Arizona Sunset

As you may know, we’ve been traveling full-time nearly 5 years! Seeing this beautiful country has been such an incredible adventure, and we’re so grateful that you’ve chosen to follow along. This last year we realized that boondocking awakened something in us we didn’t know was there - a deep desire to call some off-grid land our own!

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