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Three Years In Our Tiny Shiny Home

Ashley Longnecker Ashley Longnecker / March 18, 2020
Airstream in Arizona

Yesterday we celebrated living in this tiny home of our for three whole years! Three years! Is that even real? I remember pulling away from my parent’s driveway like it was just yesterday.

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Property Update - Meeting the Neighbors

Ashley Longnecker Ashley Longnecker / March 10, 2020
Walking the Property Youtube Poster Notext

It's March, and you know what that means?!?! Our re-zoning meeting is fast approaching (March 11) and we're so anxious. We've put a lot of thought, time, and some money into this property, and we are just hoping it will all work out in the end.

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Everything is Breaking!

Ashley Longnecker Ashley Longnecker / March 09, 2020
Solar display replacement youtube poster notext

It's hard to believe that in just a few short days we'll be celebrating 3 years of living in our Tiny Shiny Home! But with the nearly 90,000 miles we've driven this little home on wheels, everything is starting to break.

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Grass Roots Farmers' Co-op - Real Meat on the Road!

Ashley Longnecker Ashley Longnecker / February 27, 2020
Grass Roots Farmers' Co-op

Traveling full time has so many benefits. You get to go so many amazing places that you may have never had the chance to visit before. You'll meet new people and find great friends along the way. But traveling full time also comes with challenges. Groceries being a big one!

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