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Sommer, Raleigh, FacilityDude and Helpful Neighbors

Ashley Longnecker Ashley Longnecker / July 03, 2015
90 degrees inside the trailer

So, now we are on our own. We packed up early Sunday morning May 31 and headed to Raleigh, NC. One of the last things we do before hooking up is pulling in our slides.

“Kids room, coming in!” All is well.

“Our room, coming in!” All is well.

“Kitchen, coming in!”.....Craaaapppp!!

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Saying our Goodbyes

Jonathan Longnecker Jonathan Longnecker / June 19, 2015
Saying Goodbye

After a 3 week whirlwind of transitioning into the RV and selling the house, we were planning on taking a week to relax, say goodbye to our friends & family and take care of some final dental appointments. But wouldn't you know it, the dentist had some openings and we got them done 2 weeks early!

All of a sudden we were faced with a choice - do we start the adventure now or wait another couple of weeks? The "not being tied down" thing quickly became very real. And a little daunting.

But Jett's birthday was coming up, and it pushed us out of the nest. Since we're not really buying "things" for birthdays anymore, he really wanted to go to the beach. As has become my mantra though this whole process (i.e., stop coming up with excuses to not do stuff, Jonathan) I said, "Why not?"We knew we were headed North. So we booked a week on the Outer Banks in North Carolina, and gave ourselves a week in-between near Raleigh (more on both of those soon).

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Sweetwater, Paying off the RV, and the Lost Sea

Jonathan Longnecker Jonathan Longnecker / June 15, 2015

After Anchor Down we mozeyed on over to the KOA in Sweetwater, TN to finalize a few things before leaving K-town. While not quite as swanky as Anchor Down, it had a nice laid back vibe, plenty of trees and shade, and most importantly - room for us on a crowded holiday weekend.

It was here that our lives changed forever again, and we officially used the money we made selling our house and car to pay off the loan we got for the RV. In other words, we literally owe nothing to anyone. No leases, no loans, no mortgages.

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Anchor Down, Cleaning Up, Signing Papers

Ashley Longnecker Ashley Longnecker / June 05, 2015
Anchor down

After our fun time at McCormick’s Creek State Park in Indiana, we headed south to Dandridge, TN. When we purchased our trailer at Tennessee RV we received a coupon for this place called Anchor Down RV Resort. Once we looked it up online, we knew that would be a nice, relaxing week we could spend there and it was close enough for us to go to Knoxville to finish cleaning up the house and making sure everything was out of it. 

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Fast and Furious - Indiana Trip

Ashley Longnecker Ashley Longnecker / June 03, 2015
McCormick's Creek Entry

Why Indiana? Well, my cousin, Ryne, was about to marry the girl of his dreams. He and Audrey asked if Adali and Ada could be in their wedding so off to Indiana we went. It was going to be a fast and furious trip but we had several things we needed to get done when we were there.

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