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Hamlin Beach, More Air Conditioning and Fun with Family

Jonathan Longnecker Jonathan Longnecker / July 17, 2015
Hamlin Beach Poster

After our overnight at the Ferryboat place, it was onward and upward towards Rochester to get our second AC Unit installed. Since we only had a couple of days before we were scheduled at the RV shop we decided to try a State Park.

We lovelovelove state parks, but they often don't have sewer hookups which kind of limits how long we can stay there. They can also be really hard to get a 38' rig in. In fact, it can be so hard that certain husbands may get really angry and just give up and pout

To be fair, there were a host of issues we ran into. The first one being that the parkway leading to Hamlin has about 5 or 6 bridges that were too short to fit our rig under. Thankfully we got through one of them in the center (it was an arched bridge), but then had to take the long way around. Also, they didn't have water hookups so we filled our fresh tank (too full apparently) only to have it spilling out on the road the whole time we were trying to back in. We had no idea what was going on so that was stressing us out.

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The 2015 Tiny Shiny Home Travel Route

Jonathan Longnecker Jonathan Longnecker / July 14, 2015
2015 Travel Route

Below you'll find a map showing our travel route in 2015. Click on a marker to get a link to any articles we've written about that area. We'll keep this post updated so you can follow along with us. Enjoy!

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Ferryboat Campsite

Ashley Longnecker Ashley Longnecker / July 13, 2015

On our way to Rochester we needed a place to stay overnight and Wal-Mart parking lot was out of the question in this heat. We found a place in Pennsylvania called Ferryboat Campsites. I think it would have been an ok place but it was a muddy mess while we were there for one night. It all worked out ok because the rain didn't start until we had already got set up and the next morning it stopped long enough for us to hook up, AND, we didn't get stuck in the mud! I call it a win. I wish we had actually had time to take the Ferryboat...maybe next time.

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We tried Virginia...

Ashley Longnecker Ashley Longnecker / July 13, 2015
New Point RV Resort

After we left Camp Hatteras in the outer banks of North Carolina, we headed north to New Point RV Resort in a small town called New Point, Virginia. Once we were about 30 minutes away from the park we thought it was really weird that we weren’t seeing any other RVs coming or going. Are we going to the right place? Did we miss a turn? What could this mean?

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